Güd Boy

by Freddie Corduroy

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Süngs written and recorded over the past few months. Enjoy.


released July 2, 2016

Thanks to Fletcher, the purest soul, for the album cover.



all rights reserved


Freddie Corduroy Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Güd Boy
You've run too far
Away from home
Your brother knows you’re gone
You’ve left him all alone
Staring at your chapstick
A twisted tummy you tried to rest
You laid down amongst the mess
Reaching out for little tufts
of dandelions swaying
A selfish grove for you to own
on a sunny day away from home

Have you been a güd boy?
Have you been a güd boy?
Track Name: Morley
Can you run faster than me
The hills are dusty and steep
you cheer me on it's useless
I'm already falling far behind

Help me
I'm running too fast from everything
Now I can't stop looking the other way
My heels are bleeding 'cause
I'm too slow
I'm too slow
For Morley

Morley too fast for me
Morley too fast for me
Track Name: Bad Dog
Wood grain sleeping on the back porch where he smokes and looks up at the trees
Floating into a pink glow where no one knows just where to go
Soft stains caress your face as you lay down in the shag
Drum hits, you're being a bitch, pushing me out onto the front porch
Walks out asks not to see you stumble onto concrete puke out your guts

I yell I've been a bad dog
I've gotten off my leash and I'm running amok
And all you can do is lighten up
'Cause all I've ever been is a bad dog

Walk alone for the hundredth time feel the lines sinking in
Manic trying not to panic at least I probably won't remember this
Bright lights off in the distance tell me that if this is it it'll be okay
Thoughts flow into milky water why do I bother treating you this way
Closer, you're getting closer standing in the road looking up at you
Feet lift off the ground eyes roll back I've found you

I've been a bad dog
You didn't watch me as I grew up
You can blame it on your bad luck
But all I ever was, was a bad dog
Track Name: Beetle
Your friends told you not to come here
They said you look too strange
You had your driver's license
But they wanted you to change
Your fingernails were chewed too short
And all the cuts you had could be seen

And when you said that it could be better
All the flowers in your garden bloomed
Too many holes mark all your sweaters
From the cigarettes passed 'round the room

Hid away in your attic
I swear that I'm not an addict
Beetles crawling on your floor
Pass me your shoe and they'll be no more

When you talked to your parents
They said your friends were right
Dye your hair take some meds be normal
And after that you'll shine so bright
Sundress what a mess you've made
Wash out the stains its not too late

And when you said that things got worse
I took your friends and put them in the dirt
They can't hurt you when they're gone
Under the covers you feel alive

Hid away in your attic
I swear that I'm not an addict
Beetles crawling on your floor
Pass me your shoe and they'll be no more
Track Name: Sore
Fingerprint the stains on my favorite t-shirt
I promise it won't hurt if you just say the word

And it's alright to not think about it
And it's okay to not speak about it
And if you're drunk and sitting in the corner
I'll take you home so that you're not a loner

In the car that my dad gave me when I was five
A piece of junk like how I feel inside
If you throw up it'll be okay
It's just another stain it'll go away

You told me that your dad liked to drink too much
And your breath smelled like his when you got too sad

And it's okay if you don't want to say it
And it's alright if you don't feel complacent
We're at your house, I'll walk you to the door
You'll feel much better, with both feet on the floor

Of your blue townhouse that your grandparents passed down
A little worn down like how your voice sounds
If you throw up on the kitchen floor
Your dad will be mad and you'll be sore
Track Name: Sally
Call me Sally when you are alone
I'll hold you close 'till you feel like you're home
I'm sorry that they did those things to you
You don't deserve it they're just being rude

Mommy knows I'm just around the corner
Your hand in my hand we'll have to warn her
Loving too fast is my speciality
But don't you worry it's not reality

You're fragile hands in mine
It feels just like we're dying
You're really out of your mind
And I'm just trying to keep mine

Sitting by the telephone waiting for a call
But something tells me you're still at the mall
Buying your dad some new jewelry
Hoping he'll forget when you fuck up seriously

Last night you begged me to stay at my house
I called my mom and luckily she was out
We listened to the stars up on my roof
and I still was too afraid to kiss you

Our fingers intertwine
It feels just like we're flying
You tell me it's okay
Even when you've had a bad day
Track Name: Drawing
I drove to the park to feel something that I’m not
I drank some more to see if I could drive
Awake to the sound of hushed laughter,
a morning sun shines through your back door

I’m so close, but it’s useless
there was never an end

I ran faster, just to see
If I could be something more.
Off the track, past the trees
A quick silence, a gentle sleep

I played games at your house
purple stains were on your mouth
the faces on your wall stared back at me
a wooden mask, empty
I put one on, wondering
If I could be less like me

A dusty book, opened slow
I’ll rip out all the pages to cover the eyes

I slowed down, thinking
that I would see something more
There was nothing but the past
Painting pictures that wouldn’t last
Track Name: Sammy
Sammy sits in a tree
Wondering if he'll ever leave
Leave him alone, he doesn't know
The world is out to get him
Eating the leaves, hanging on
To the branches
He wasn't pleased, when you told him
To get down from there

Don't you hurt him anymore
He was nothing but a chore
Even then, he was the sweetest thing
He doesn't know what the world thinks of him

And when you're walking I'll follow you home
And when you're happy I'll make you cry
It serves you right
Track Name: Friends
Do you hear me?
Yelling across the void
Your mom paid you
to be friends with me

but it's okay in the end

at least I have a friend
to call my own
but whenever I try

to touch you, it gets a little hard
I'm not sure if you're willing
to stay friends with me
And I want nothing more than for you to hold my hand
Track Name: Lighter
You wrote the words on a napkin
Kissed them with your chapped lips
Telling me that it's not happenin
Take your money I won't have it

And you say it's not brighter every day
Your mouth is dripping off your face
My dad said not to go out tonight
There's nothing good that's not inside

I promise it's safe inside
I promise it's safe inside
Please don't try to hide
You're just looking for a light

You are flying high above
I'm looking for your teeth
To scratch me
In my sleep
In my sleep
In my sleep

Just give me a light
Give me a light
Track Name: Queen
I don’t want to get out of Bed
I’m too lazy
I’m too sleepy

I don’t want to open my blinds
The fans too strong
it’s drying out my eyes

It’s all in my head
I can’t remember
what I dreamed

I close my eyes,
But have to drink myself to sleep
I still tell myself
that I’m happy

I tried to go
to a show
I felt weird
so I went home

I’m tired of all
this droning light
I’ll stay asleep,
it sounds better that way

I’m your queen,
I’ll let you sleep on top of me
no need to lie,
just let me know if you’re happy

Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
Track Name: Socks
I saw you sitting in the corner
knees up to your chest
you whispered softly you’re alone
pulled out the socks you brought from home
you told me I could be like you
someone different someone new
You’re just a dream, your hair’s too long
you’re a shadow of what’s wrong

shake some more, I want to see
what you have up your sleeve
You’re crying now, why won’t you stop
plug your eyes, you’re too much

I don’t want to see what I’ll be
in my veins or in my sleep
I’ll try to wake up eventually
But I’m all out of memory

I can’t help but think a lot
Forever I’ll be in a fog
A sleepy mattress, on the pond
Floating helpless, I am gone

I don’t want to see what I’ll be
in my veins or in my sleep
i’ll try to wake up eventually
But I’m all out of memory
Track Name: I've Never Felt Young
beep bop beep