Bad Dog

by Freddie Corduroy

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Wood grain sleeping on the back porch where he smokes and looks up at the trees
Floating into a pink glow where no one knows just where to go
Soft stains caress your face as you lay down in the shag
Drum hits, you're being a bitch, pushing me out onto the front porch
Walks out asks not to see you stumble onto concrete puke out your guts

I yell I've been a bad dog
I've gotten off my leash and I'm running amok
And all you can do is lighten up
'Cause all I've ever been is a bad dog

Walk alone for the hundredth time feel the lines sinking in
Manic trying not to panic at least I probably won't remember this
Bright lights off in the distance tell me that if this is it it'll be okay
Thoughts flow into milky water why do I bother treating you this way
Closer, you're getting closer standing in the road looking up at you
Feet lift off the ground eyes roll back I've found you

I've been a bad dog
You didn't watch me as I grew up
You can blame it on your bad luck
But all I ever was, was a bad dog


released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Freddie Corduroy Portland, Oregon

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